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Workplace Pensions - Employers' Obligations


All employers will have to provide certain workers with a workplace pension scheme (also known as auto-enrolment) by law.

You must make an employer's contribution to the pension scheme for those workers.

As a result of automatic enrolment, millions of employees now have the opportunity to start building savings for their retirement.

Under the Pensions Act 2008, every employer in the UK must put their qualifying employees into a pension scheme and, where appropriate, pay contributions. This is called 'automatic enrolment'.

Key points to note:

  • If you're a UK employer, auto enrolment will affect you.
  • You will need to 'enrol' certain employees into a workplace pension scheme.
  • You must communicate the changes to your employees that have been affected.

  • Automatic enrolment is a continuing responsibility for employers, and there are ongoing duties to carry out.

    Each time you pay your employees, including new starters, you must assess their age and earnings to see if they need to be put into a pension scheme, and how much you need to pay in.

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